MN ADOPT Workshops

The MN ADOPT Education Program promotes the importance of ongoing learning through a variety of in-person and online-based educational offerings focused on topics specific to parenting through adoption, foster care, or kinship caregiver.

We invite you to explore our upcoming workshops below, as well as those available for immediate purchase in our  webinar library.

Need credit toward your foster care license? MN ADOPT offers Certificates of Attendance following every in-person and live webinar.

If you watch a pre-recorded webinar, you will have the option to complete a post-test and receive a Certificate of Completion.

Professionals who are interested in collaborating with MN ADOPT’s Education Program, should visit: Professional Collaboration

Upcoming Workshops
Title Date Location Presenter Audience & Level
Navigating the Teen Years as an Adoptive Parent: Walking Alongside Your Teen in Search of Identity, Independence, Self Control, and an Understanding of the Adolescent Chapter of Developmental Trauma 09/23/2020 WEBINAR Krista Nelson, LICSW, LMFT Parents & Professionals (Intermediate)
Complex Trauma: What the Heck Is Going on With Students These Days?!! Core Ideas for Educators 09/24/2020 WEBINAR Paul Buckley, M.A., LMFT Parents & Professionals (Intermediate)
Relatively Speaking: Addressing Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Challenges 09/29/2020 WEBINAR Dr. Rick Delaney and Charley Joyce, LCSW Parents & Professionals (Intermediate)
Transitioning Kids From Foster to Adoptive Homes 09/30/2020 WEBINAR Ann Kent, LMFT and Steve Lochen, MA, LMFT Parents & Professionals (Intermediate)
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): Tips and Interventions to Help Children with FASDs Succeed 10/05/2020 WEBINAR Heather Siek, Psy.D. LPCC Parents & Professionals (Beginner)
Moving Beyond “Inclusiveness”: Using Anti-Bias Education Theory to Create the Conditions of Belonging 10/06/2020 WEBINAR Robin Starch and Rebecca Slaby Parents & Professionals (Intermediate)
Lessons From the Life - What Every Transracial Parent Should Know 10/07/2020 WEBINAR Kevin Hofmann Parents & Professionals (Beginner)
A Two-Part Webinar with Lisa Qualls – Building Trust and Attachment with Your Child and Regaining Compassion for Yourself and Your Child 10/08/2020 WEBINAR Lisa Qualls Parents (Intermediate)
How Does Your Child Learn? 10/19/2020 WEBINAR Bonnie Jean Smith Parents (Beginner)
Helping Your Child to Begin to Trust Again 10/21/2020 WEBINAR Dan Hughes, Ph.D. Parents & Professionals (Intermediate)
[4-Part Series] Sensory Processing and Attachment 10/23/2020 WEBINAR Maude Le Roux, OTR/L Parents & Professionals (Intermediate)
[2 Part Series] Responding to Challenging Behavior at Home: The Collaborative Problem Solving Model 11/05/2020 WEBINAR Ed Morales, MPP, MSW, LICSW Parents (Beginner)
Complexities of Being Adopted 11/10/2020 WEBINAR Tara VanderWoude Parents & Professionals (Beginner)
Adoptee Panel 11/18/2020 WEBINAR Parents (Beginner)
[FOR PROFESSIONALS] Race, Culture, & Family: Strategies for Professionals Working with Multiracial Families 11/18/2020 WEBINAR Maryam M. Jernigan-Noesi, PhD Parents & Professionals (Intermediate)
The FASD Parenting Mindset: Eight Habits that Will Upgrade Your Parenting from Stuck to Unstoppable 12/07/2020 WEBINAR Michael Harris Parents (Beginner)