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[FosterEd] Who’s in the Doghouse Now? How Parenting Stress Makes a Marital Mess ... and What to Do About It!! (March 24, 2020)

Paul Buckley, LMFT, LADCC
WHEN Tuesday, Mar 24th 2020 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM (CST)
COST $20.00 per person
$35.00 per parenting couple
LOCATION Room 120, 10 2nd Street NW, Buffalo, MN, 55313

Audience: Parents
Level: (Intermediate)
Ages addressed: Parents

What’s harder than raising traumatized kids? Raising traumatized kids while holding a marriage together. Even well-matched couples can stretch to near breaking. So show up early, pull up a chair, and grab a donut; we have lots to do. And we’ll do it in a fun way.  First, you’ll discover your parenting style as one of four dog breeds: the allowing golden retriever, the attentive border collie, the commanding German shepherd or the relaxed Afghan. Since we generally choose partners with opposite parenting styles, child rearing tends to form very predictable stress patterns.  One blames, the other retreats. One demands, the other allows. One feels undermined, the other feels overwhelmed.

What can be done? Awareness goes a long way while following the principles of Emotion Focused and Attachment therapy. You’ll leave with a simple and clear map of how your marriage works. You’ll take ownership of the biggest repeating mistake you make in your relationship, so that you might stop. You’ll know the one best thing you can do in your marriage. You’ll see how you and your beloved are actually on the same side of a truly noble enterprise, loving each other in order to help heal the hearts of hurt children.

For 30 years Paul Buckley has been helping parents who are raising disturbed children. In the choppy waters of complex trauma, addictions, and alphabet soup diagnoses there are common practices that help all caregivers and children. Paul presents these practices with playful images, good cheer, and the pragmatics of parenting tip cards to hang on your refrigerator.