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[WEBINAR] Complex TRAUMA ... Complex DRAMA, What the Heck Is Going on with Students These Days?!! Core Ideas for Educators (October 29, 2019)

Paul Buckley, LMFT, LADCC
WHEN Tuesday, Oct 29th 2019 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM (CST)
COST $18.00 per person
$30.00 Live webinar + webinar download

Ages addressed:

*This webinar will be available for download two (2) business days after the live webinar. If there are not enough registrants for the live webinar, it will be cancelled and therefore not added to our webinar library. If you purchase a download, you will have the option to watching it on-demand (can start/stop the video up to 3 times) and/or downloading the webinar to watch at a later time.*

Educators and Parents, come one come all to participate in this webinar to help students with complex trauma. Demystified as “FEAR stuck in the mind”, examples illuminate the three basic ways trauma manifests in student lives. With this understanding, many troubling classroom behaviors make much more sense.

More importantly, when trauma is understood as fear, strategies to help students come to light!  Fear motivates all creatures to do two things: avoid threat ...  and at the same time seek safety. Students with trauma often avoid the overwhelming challenges of social and academic complexities and seek the safety of self generated mayhem, in which the academic demands disintegrate into anger, avoidance and blame.

Classroom strategies fall into three categories:
The classroom and secure feelings
Making a safety net
Managing outburst and triggering

For 30 years Paul Buckley has been helping parents who are raising troubled children. In the choppy waters of complex trauma, addictions, and alphabets soup diagnoses there are common practices that help all caregivers and children. Paul presents these practices with playful images, good cheer, and the pragmatics of parenting tip cards to hang on your refrigerator.