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Food and Eating-Related Problems (October 1, 2019)

Dr. Rick Delaney
WHEN Tuesday, Oct 1st 2019
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM (CST)
COST $20.00 per person
$35.00 per parenting couple
LOCATION Children’s Home Society/Lutheran Social Service, 1605 Eustis St, St Paul, MN 55108

Ages addressed:

This MN ADOPT workshop is in collaboration with Lutheran Social Service Kinship Family Support Services, Lutheran Social Service Therapeutic Foster Care, and Children’s Home & Lutheran Social Service Adoption Programs.

Children who “steal”, hide and hoard food have “food maintenance syndrome (FMS)”.  Children with FMS are fixated on having enough food and may eat from a dog’s dish or from the garbage can. They often devour food very rapidly as if fearing others will take his or her food. Commonly, these food and eating-related problems are “survival behaviors” children have learned when growing up in a neglectful environment.  These behaviors do not simply disappear when the child comes to live with you. In this workshop we will discuss how to reduce the child’s “starvation mentality” and replace it with the belief that he or she will be taken care of by you. We will also describe in detail several concrete approaches that can reduce food and eating-related problems.

Dr. Rick Delaney is an internationally known clinical psychologist, speaker and consultant to foster, kinship, and adoptive parents and programs.  Recently he was the clinical director at the Kauai Family Guidance Center in Lihue, Hawaii. Dr. Delaney is the principal investigator of Foster Parent College (, an on-line resource for foster, kinship and adoptive parents.