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WHEN Saturday, Jan 12th 2019 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
COST Individual Adult: $50.00 per person
Adult Couple: $80.00 per parenting couple
LOCATION Gloria Dei Lutheran Church 700 S. Snelling Ave. St Paul 55116

9 am - Noon
In Touch Parenting:  Coaching Children to Use Words for Feelings

Featuring: Dr. Richard Delaney is an internationally known clinical psychologist, speaker and consultant to foster, kinship, and adoptive parents and programs.  Dr. Delaney has given several hundred presentations in the throughout the United States, Canada, and the Bermuda Islands.  He is currently the principal investigator of Foster Parent College (

Children who have been traumatized by abuse, neglect and sexual abuse lack words for feelings.  Without words, their behavior does the talking.  Yes, behavior problems are a language, but it can seem like a foreign language to parents.  The goals of this workshop on In Touch Parenting are:

-To help foster and adoptive parents translate the hidden meaning of behavior problems.
-To identify ways to discover the mind-behind-the-behavior, that is, to figure out what thoughts, feelings, and motives the child has when acting certain ways.
-To teach the “In Touch stance”, a way of approaching troubled children with empathy and curiosity.
-To suggest ways that encourage children to “use their words” instead of losing control or acting out.
-To help parents to encourage children to express their feelings and needs.

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Building and Nurturing Our Transracial Families

Featuring Robert O'Connor is an adult transracial adoptee, and former state ward turned state ward administrator. He will use his journey to teach us about best practices in supporting transracial placements. He challenges us to examine our paradigms and to embrace biculturalism and advocacy.

Featuring Lenora O’Connor is a stay-at-home mother of 4 and the wife of Robert O'Connor. She is also an Independent Skin Care Consultant for Jafra Cosmetics, and the founder of Youth Days, a youth and community outreach. Lenora will share with you her knowledge of African-American hair and skin care maintenance based on her personal and professional experience. In this session she will answer your basic questions and demonstrate some simple/easy hair styles. She will also provide you with resources and recommendations.

This session will help families examine how parents can become positive agents of change to create strong, thriving communities and families. We will discuss “intentional” parenting and why it is important for multicultural families. Identify ways you can help your children develop a strong sense of culture and racial identity. Robert will focus on gaining a better understanding of the tools and perspectives shown to be helpful in supporting your multicultural family.

Following Robert’s presentation, Lenora O’Connor will speak on hair and skin care. She speaks to the importance of this topic for everyone, especially children and youth who are adopted or in foster care. Feeling good about one’s appearance builds self-esteem, which can be compromised by being in out of home care. Lenora will address the types of products that are beneficial for different types of hair and skin.