Sofia, Piper

Status Active
Name Sofia, Piper
Age 5, 6
Race White/Caucasian, Hispanic
Gender 2 Female
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Sofia is a little girl who loves animals, especially dogs and horses. Sofia has a playful and silly side once she feels comfortable. She enjoys riding her bike, swimming, playing outside, doing crafts and anything creative that sparks her imagination.

Piper is a silly, energetic and smiley girl who speaks her mind and can make anyone laugh. She loves riding her bike, flying kites and spending time outdoors. Just like her sister, she loves animals, especially dogs and horses.

Sofia and Piper need a warm, loving home that can provide them with structure and consistency.

Following adoption, the girls would need to maintain contact with their birth mother, maternal aunt and maternal grandmother.

Private Narrative

Sofia is doing well in school and seems to enjoy learning and has excelled with her behaviors at school. Last year was more of a struggle for her and she was bumped down to half days. This was due to behaviors including"shutting down" - Sofia would freeze and not speak or move. Since that time, Sofia has had more structure and consistent therapy. This year, she is attending school full days without issue. She does still have a 504 plan, but it has not been utilized much this year. Sofia has historically had behaviors that impact her daily living. The most prevalent was her "shutting down". She has had some of this behavior this year, but very minimal, and her therapist feels it is more of a control behavior now and used to get out of things she doesn't want to do. Sofia also had a history of accidents (both urine and bowel) but those have also lessened. She did have a medical evaluation to address this and it was determined by a doctor that her accidents were stress related, due to all the changes in her life. It was recommended that she follow through with individual therapy to process her stressors. She currently has weekly play therapy sessions. Sofia needs a family that wants her wholeheartedly and has knowledge of trauma-related behaviors.

Piper is currently not receiving any mental health services; however, they are in the process of being set up again. Piper was meeting with an individual therapist in-home, utilizing play therapy. This service ended due to changes in placement and scheduling issues. Other therapy options are currently being explored, as it has been deemed appropriate for Piper to have someone to process things with. Piper can be a picky eater. Her current foster home has rules in place for mealtime, including if you do not eat all your food, you do not get to eat dessert. Piper has improved with her eating, but still continues to be picky at times and refuses to eat. Piper has been "babied" growing up and due to that she will often resort to crying/whining as a way to manage situations, especially when things are not going her way. She would benefit from having caregivers who can provide the same consistency. She has looked to Sofia as a pseudo caregiver, but it is the hope that these dynamics would continue to change so Sofia can just be a kid herself.

There is a current pre-adoption contact agreement with their birth mother and they currently have supervised visits once a month. This seems to be very beneficial for the girls. Due to birth mother's mental health and substance use, she cannot parent safely long-term.

Kelly Rohland, Houston County, 2/25/19

Child Detail


Child ID: 5375
Status: Active
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Grade Level: N/A
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Hispanic
County: Houston
Current Placement Type: Foster Care – Non-Relative
Pets OK? Y
Pets Reason:

Best-Suited Family Composition

Parent Type: Couple
Other Children: No Preference
Religious Preference: No Affiliation


High-Risk Placement: No
Legal-Risk Placement: No
Risk Factors: Abuse, Neglect


Behavioral: Mild
Emotional: Moderate (adjustment disorder)
Learning: Mild
Mental: Mild
Physical: None


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